Stay and Train

Yonah Working
Zion Learning Leave It
Marley on Place
Stay and Train Dog Visiting Home Depot

Have you ever been at the park and observed dogs walking nicely next to their owners on a loose leash… or better yet OFF-LEASH? Do you think to yourself “I would take my dog to the park more often if they could behave like THAT!”

Now, with Aurora Dog Training, they can! Dogs in our Stay & Train program receive one-on-one training lessons each day, as well as learning opportunities such as outings to local parks, Tractor Supply Store, Home Depot and more!

We accept only one dog per trainer at a time into our Stay & Train program, so there is often a waiting list. However, this ensures that your dog gets plenty of individual time with their trainer & that each dog’s training is our top priority.

At the end of your dog’s visit, we then focus on training YOU!

Our Stay and Train program is NOT intended to remove you from the training process, but rather to give you a head start in achieving your training goals. Training is an ongoing process requiring regular involvement by those handling the dog on a day-to-day basis. During your dog’s stay, we will work to lay a solid foundation of good behavior and obedience commands. We will then provide YOU with the knowledge and skills to continue training your dog with effective communication. Knowledge transfer takes place upon drop-off at your home, and typically lasts approximately 1 to 3 hours.

All Stay & Train programs include lifetime support including UNLIMITED phone, email and video support, a detailed guide describing all commands that your dog has learned, as well as all training equipment used with your dog during their stay. (ex: placeboard/bed, training collars, leashes, etc.)

Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation or for more information on our Stay & Train program!

Stay and Train

*All Stay & Train programs include all recommended training equipment, as well as lifetime one-on-one follow-up training.

Length Price
2 weeks - on leash program $1750
4 weeks - off leash program $3500



Contact us today to schedule your free phone consultation or for more information on our Stay & Train program!

Brianne with Stay and Train Dog Sitting
White Stay and Train Dog
Gray Stay and Train Dog - Marley
Brianne in Grass with Dog Sitting