Training Tools and Resources

Treat Recommendations  

Basic Training 


Rally Obedience 

Competition Obedience  


Dog Food Recommendations  

Check out for reviews and information on brand and ingredients, as well as dog food recalls. Remember to always look for meat-based, grain inclusive foods, that do not contain corn or wheat.  

These are some affordable, high quality, dog food brands we recommend:

  • Diamond Naturals 
  • 4 Health 
  • Taste of the Wild - Ancient Grains 
  • Victor 
  • Fromm 
  • Abound 
  • Pure Balance 
  • Nature’s Recipe 

Enrichment Resources 

Giving your dog something to occupy their time is crucial regardless of your dog’s age or breed. Without a job to do, such as something to chew on or a problem to solve (puzzle game), dogs are often prone to destructive or obsessive behavior. Here are some ideas for things you can buy and/or make for your dog to help tire them out mentally and help them relax! 

Why is rawhide bad for dogs?? 

Ideas for safe and affordable chews for dogs: 

  • Bully Sticks 
  • Himalayan Dog Chews 
  • Benebones 
  • Whimzees
  • Beef Tracheas 
  • Beef Femurs 
  • Red Barn Filled Bones 
  • Knuckle Bones 
  • Frozen Marrow Bones (can be found at Publix in the meat section) Stuffed kong toys - I recommend freezing them to make them last longer. Fill them with things like peanut butter, liver paste, cheese,  cheese whiz (in a spray can), plain yogurt, fruit (banana, strawberry,  apple), soft dog treats, baby food, canned dog food, ground turkey,  liverwurst, chicken, tuna, sardines, etc. 

Many of the above chew suggestions can be found at and are  much more affordable when purchased  

from or rather than in stores such as Petsmart or  Petco. 

Fun dog puzzles and games: 

Below are some links for dog puzzles and games to help your dog exercise  their mind: 

NOTE: Whenever you cut holes into an enclosed object (i.e.: tennis ball)  ALWAYS cut more than one hole. One hole can create a suction and dogs have gotten their tongues stuck in a ball with only one hole. challenge-and-entertain-your-pet/amp/?client=safari