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We offer a wide variety of group classes for every dog - from basic obedience, to agility, scent work and more! Our schedule is frequently updated with new and exciting classes. See below for our current class schedule!

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions


This class has no prerequisites. Your dog doesn’t need any prior training! You will learn the science of scent theory and how to teach your dog to tell you the location of a hidden scent. This is the same way detection dogs across the world are taught to alert to bombs, drugs, agricultural items, and medical issues. 

The goal of our scentwork classes are for dogs to love the game of searching, and to build their ability to find a hidden target odor.

Dogs work one at a time, so scent work class is appropriate for dogs who can be grumpy with other dogs. This group class is not appropriate for human or dog aggressive dogs. Many of those dogs can gain confidence through private scent work lessons in conjunction with behavioral modification work. Please contact me to arrange private sessions or if you have any reservations about your dogs ability to be in a room with other dogs and people.

Beginner Agility

Have you ever watched a dog fly through an obstacle course and think “wow! I wish my dog could do that!?” At Aurora Dog Training, they can! Our Agility Foundations classes introduce you and your dog to jumping, tunnels, weave poles, and more! We will also discuss and practice body awareness, teamwork skills, and fitness and stretching exercises. These fun classes will give you and your dog a great mental and physical workout. Along with learning basic agility skills, these classes will build your dog’s confidence, focus, and enthusiasm! 

Trial Ready/Competition Agility

These classes are focused on dog and handler skills for Agility competition. Dogs actively competing in AKC, USDAA, or NADAC agility will enjoy these classes full of fun exercises and drills to strengthen their teamwork and more! 

Conformation Handling & Junior Showmanship Classes

Are you new to the world of conformation? Do you have a dog who needs to brush up on their ring skills? If so, we can help! In these classes we will practice hand stacking, free stacking, and gaiting. We will also discuss proper ring procedures and how to troubleshoot any problem areas! This class is appropriate for all skill levels.

Intro/Novice Rally Obedience

Come and join in the exciting and fun sport of Rally! Like agility, the dog and owner navigate a course and follow the directions on each sign or station. Dogs perform basic obedience maneuvers such as sit, down and heel, as well as many fun exercises such as weaving through cones, jumping, and more. This sport will strengthen your dog’s focus and responsiveness to basic obedience commands, increasing your bond and connection with your best friend!

Did you know – The Novice level of this AKC event is performed on lead, and the handler encourages the dog to do his best with unlimited verbal instruction and praise throughout the course. Clap your hands and praise your dog to your heart’s content! Get 3 qualifying scores, and you have earned a title with your dog: RN (Rally Novice). If you are not interested in titles, and just want to come and have fun with your dog, then Rally is the class for you!

Advanced/Excellent/Master Rally Obedience 

AKC Excellent and Master level Rally is full of fun and challenging signs! In these classes, dogs and handlers will practice advanced course work, in addition to occasional skills classes, to master these exciting signs! We will also discuss troubleshooting for problem areas in sign performance, or overall teamwork and precision. 

Competition Obedience

We offer group and private lessons in all levels of competition obedience from Beginner Novice through Utility. We believe competition obedience is all about performing with your dog as a team! We work with each dog and handler team to coach you in the art and skill of competitive obedience training, and give you the tools you need to surpass your training goals. Relationship building games, precision heeling, retrieve training, proper ring etiquette, and advanced attention skills are all important features of our competition classes. 

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